Happy Birthday To My True North


Baby I cannot explain how thankful I feel to be by your side, everyday, but especially celebrating this milestone birthday with you! It has already been fifty years living in this wonderful, crazy, chaotic, harsh yet mostly beautiful world. And that is DEFINITELY something to celebrate!!!
Not because of the “another year older” thing but because 50 years ago this world became a more lovely, funny, silly and all around better place to live in, thanks to God’s gift to us of you. Now don’t get all big headed cause I said that.
Seriously my love, I don’t think you realize how many people’s lives you have touched over the years. It didn’t have to be a grand gesture or even anything huge, but I can tell you that there are tons of lives you have influenced and continue to do so daily.
Nathaniel and I are so blessed that we have you by our sides through hell and high water. Especially me. You are such a blessing everyday in my life and a true gift… our gift 24/7/365…. Well most of the time that is… Lol.


There are no words that can express how thankful I am for you, how blessed we all are to share life with you, how truly amazing a human you are…. You are what I pray for our son to become; hilarious, selfless, loving, caring and a good man.
Happy Birthday my sweet Rand, I hope and pray it is an amazing birthday!! I LOVE YOU!!!


~Always Yours,


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