A Letter To My True North


I remember like it was yesterday, that first meeting face to face. The way you walked up, arms wide open and asked where your hug was. That twinkle in your eye as you looked at me was refreshingly fun and promising. Your quick, corny sense if humor matched mine. The convo wasn’t short and full of fluf. You sat talking, never the same topic, like we had found the greatest treasure…and i most definitely found mine. I walked into my class, floating high from the kiss you stole on the elevator. Running to the window, throwing it open just in time to see you struttin., The HUGE smile on your face reflected what i was feeling and it was beautiful!

SIXTEEN, 16 years ago you came into my life, took my heart and challenged my thoughts, my heart and at times even my sanity. Even though we have had our issues that led to a horrible time, I am so incredibly thankful for that too. Because it brought us to a deeper, organic place of love that we never had before. I know  loving me is far from easy, and I am so blessed to have yours.

Here are sixteen things that I have learned in our time thus far:

  1. You could NEVER get by playing poker, you have a tell that I see for miles. And loved it, then I loved it even more when our son has the exact same tell.
  2. I have learned that if you look at me with such love that it makes me ask why you do love me.
  3. For you to do something that needed to be done, I could have beg for years (and I did)and it didn’t matter. Drastic measures have to be taken to open your eyes. So between your stubbornness and mine, our son’s future spouse already needs an a script for Xanax.
  4. I have learned the little things we do for each other are more important than grand gestures.
  5. From the beginning I knew I had to share you with your mistress…. ANY DANG SPORT THE WILDCATS PLAY.
  6. I have learned that you are the quietest person both physically and emotionally that I have ever known… and that because of that I have had to change cause you scare the pee out of me. (Stop your ninja walking dear sir)
  7. You love without conditions or limits, and I am so thankful for that.
  8. You are the biggest dork in the world. And that meshes great with my inner nerd.
  9. I have learned over the last couple of years all the issues that caused our time apart can be forgiven. (no relationship is perfect nor do we know what goes on in their home).
  10. You are absolutely adorable when you talk baby talk to the pups.
  11. Come hell and high water if I needed you, you would be at my side.
  12. The love we have now is a level a billion times better than the love we started our journey with.
  13. Your fierce love for me and your sexy, string shoulders that have held me too many times to count are the strongest thing in the universe.
  14. I have learn that you can and will embarrass our son on the daily, just to try to connect with him. (BTW all he needs is your love and praise and perhaps a kick in the butt)
  15. You are the most supportive person I have ever met, my biggest cheerleader, fan and sounding board as I write my heart out to share.
  16. I have learned that I can be sick as crap, hair all kinds of crazy, badly needing a bath (yeah it happens when sick) , I look in your eyes and all I see is love, happiness and wish I could see the woman you are seeing. Because she sounds lovely and then maybe I could see why you love me so beautifully.
Babe thank you for the last 16 years, for loving me with the good, for holding me through the ugly times and accepting me for who I am, not who others think we should be. I know times have been hard as hell, but I would walk in fire with you.  I love you to the moon and back. Happy Anniversary My love, my heart, my True North!

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