You Are What You Wear?

My son, husband and I where in the neighborhood doughnut shop, noshing on copious amounts of coffee and doughnuts. When in walks a woman, wearing about as much as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It was so provocative, that everyone in the shop couldn’t help but to stare. She had a football jersey (no bra) that barely covered her chest, a pair of booty shorts (that were a few sizes smaller than she should wear) and a pair of platform sandals. She couldn’t help but to attract attention. But was it the kind she wanted? I’m not sure, and I sure hope not.

Ladies, we need to talk. As a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter a auntie and a friend I cannot help but to be sad when I see you dressing like you rent yourself by the hour.

Not just wearing sexy dresses, shoes, shorts, etc. But when you wear dresses so short your gyno can do a pelvic exam without you changing …your dress is much too short.

If by chance you are wearing short shorts, and 3 or 4 inches of you butt crack is hanging out, and people can see whether you have waxed, tell if you are full on 70s porn bush ….your shorts are too flipping short.

If by chance you are wearing a shirt that is so tight, can tell not only that you are braless, but we can count your ribs, imperfections, every little bump on your areola…your shirt is way to freaking tight.

If by chance you are wearing low rise jeans, that ride so low the person behind you can tell if you are commando, have a hairy butt crack and if you have wiped good enough…your pants are too low.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t care what you wear at clubs, adult functions, in your own bedroom. But when you come to little league games, Chuckle Cheese, the zoo, schools, or anywhere else that children frequent. Have some respect for yourself! Have some respect for others! Be a better example to young girls (and boys) who see how you dress and carry yourself.

Whether you know it or not the way you dress is the first impression you give others about you. It may not be fair, hell it may hurt and you may get mad. But there is a fine line between sexy and slutty…. It is up to you to decide.

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4 thoughts on “You Are What You Wear?

  1. Amen!

    I’m trying my hardest to raise my daughter to keep it all hidden. The world doesn’t need to see your pookie.

    You don’t want someone to be able to tell what you have under your clothes with them still on. Let them use their imagination. I’ll never forget the look on Brandon’s face tbe firat time he saw my boobs. It was like a kid in a candy store. 🙂 Had I dressed proactively prior to him seeing them, I may not have gotten that reaction.

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