Fair Weather Friends

Over the years I have learned many things. Some things are learned the easy way. And with these we walk through them with zero impact to our daily lives. Other lessons, don’t simply make a impact, they sometimes cause a lasting, harsh one. These lessons are learned in the heated battle of life.

Many times the lessons we learn, during those times, hurt the most. And those lessons come from the people that we love and trust the most.

Our supposed best friends and even sometimes our family members see a weakness in us … Our kind and caring hearts…and they use it. These people are what my dad called “fair weather friends”.

These friends are the ones that are only are around if it benefits them. When the going gets tough… They hit the highway. They will walk away without so much as a blink of the eye. No matter what you are going through.

But of course if it is them facing the tough times the story is different. But the first inkling of a more “well off” or “more fun friend” comes along, it’s bye Felicia to you.

Throughout my life I have had many fair weather friends. The ones that hurt most are when one or more of them are blood relatives. The ones that know more than anyone does how to hurt us even more.

The lessons I have learned thus far is a tough one. Those “friends” and their attitudes are not who you are, it tells their true character. Their smiles and attitudes are a delusion, once they’ve gotten want. Or when they have taken all they can from you.

Do societal standards mean that you should take their crap? Hell no you shouldn’t.

My grandmother used to say “you don’t change your good heart just be loved by other people. Always be the strong, funny, loving person you are.” She’s right. I will be polite, but I don’t trust anyone that I’ve been burned by.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… Shame on me.

In my opinion a fair weather friend is worse than an enemy… and twice as dangerous. Just think about it. These people have been close enough to know your secrets, to know your fears and to know what hurts you most.

One of my best friends once told me that I should keep those kind of “friends” even closer than my enemies, be they family or friend.

And he was right.


6 thoughts on “Fair Weather Friends

  1. I can totally relate to the fair weather friends syndrome. I still have a couple of those that I need to get rid of but I just can’t be the mean girl. I won’t stoop to their level and make my heart hard like they would. I just have learned to not be so ‘available’. HUGS

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  2. I can so completely relate to this. I have some friends in my life that seem to disappear when I need them, but yet come running when they have a crisis. It gets old. Thanks for writing this! I’m sharing 🙂

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  3. Fair weather friends are the worst, because we are usually sucked in by their attention and fake interest, they are masters at it! You are right, there is a fine line between being tolerant, and being walked all over. We all need to discover and respect that line.

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