Through It All


I remember when I was in high school, my best friend and I thought were like sisters…the kind that actually get along well. We swore we would never lose touch, planned to be in each other’s weddings, our kids would play together some day. Then we graduated and Needless to say we lost touch within the first year after high school.


Through the years many friends have come and gone. But never really made enough of a impact on my life to really be missed. There are a few I still do a little talking to now and then. And I have some absolutely lovely friends I have met over the years online. But through out my life there has been one constant friend.


Since I was around 9 or 10 she has been my sister of the soul. She and I have both been through a lot of hell in our lives, and we march through that hell and ride above with the support we give to each other. She is the one person in my life that has been a constant blessing. We are the  kind of family that bloodline doesn’t need to be shared. And yet she and I are as close if not more so than sisters.


We can be apart for months at at a time and still talk, chat, texts for hours. We act silly and have a blast doing the most boring stuff, because we are that in tune with each other.


We can talk to each other about anything and everything and are never judgmental with each other. And are so honest with each other that if I asked her if a pair of jeans make my butt look fat…she would say yep they do. Because she knows how important being honest means to me. And she would never let me go out looking like a over stuffed sausage. Nor would I let her.


Throughout life I had the belief that soulmates were only a romantic thing, but I have come to know that isn’t so. We are soul sisters and best friends.


She posted a pic on her page last week that said some thing to the effect of “If I died what would you do” … I would be shattered, my heart and soul torn apart. She is my best friend in the world


Gena girl I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for all the years of fun, support, being partner in crime and my sister. I hope we have many many more years. You have pulled me back from the edge many times. I have zero doubt that we are soulmates. Thank you for just being you and loving me the way I am. I’ll have your back till my last breath.



One thought on “Through It All

  1. Girl,

    There is no doubt that God brought us together heart and soul. You have made me laugh and have let me cry and you have encouraged me to be myself when it sure seemed everyone else was telling me I needed to change. I thank God for the love, laughter and friendship that He gave us. I am so glad you are my friend and my dear sweet soul sister. I love you, Christy.

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