Bunker punks family.

Many people consider family as only the people they are kin to through blood. But I don’t feel that way at all. Sure i love my blood family, but I have been blessed in my life to have friends that I consider my soul sisters and brothers.
Loyalty, respect, love and quirky senses of humor. A shared view of the world, our children and the deep caring to be there for each other.
I gotta say… Many of my close friends are the only ones I can be myself with and not feel like I am being judged. Or guilt tripped all the way to hell and back.
Our bunker punks are some of the coolest and most amazing people I have ever had the honor of being friends/family with. We tease each other but we are also supportive of each other. Without the judge mcjudgerson attitudes many of us face in other places.
What I am trying to say is just this…. Thank you all for being the amazing, cool, awesome, caring!
Y’all are the shiz and I love you guys and chicks!

Oh the joys of parenthood (Facebook)
Christina Reno-Johnson


13 thoughts on “Bunker punks family.

  1. #bunkerpunkforlife


    I love hashtags, and I really LOVE throwing up Bunk Punk hashtags.

    “No one Punk is the same, we love being different.” Its our differences that make us awesome. I’m glad you’ve been a part of this.

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  2. Family is those we chose to share our life with! β™‘ I love being a bunker punk! Love you Christina! So happy to have you as part of our amazing family!

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