Bunker Punks Road Trip

So we are going on a trip… Pack your shit or don’t, but hang on for the ride! Your in the bunker now bitches!

Q1. What is my most prized possession?

A1. Well to be quite honest I do not have a single thing that I consider more important than anything else. I am not big into material things, because shit doesn’t matter but my people do!

Q2. How do I unwind after a long day?

A2. A combo of bubble bath, a good book and either a glass of sweet tea or wine… Depending on how bad the long day was. If I am lucky mind blowing sex with the hubs!

Q3. What is the one song that has followed Me through my whole life?

A3. I have no earthly idea on this one. My mind is a complete blank. My taste in music has much to do with My state of mind and let’s be honest I am a chick that changes my mind a lot.

Q4. If I could give one piece of advice to New bloggers, what would it be?

A4. Write with your heart, don’t let anyone else dictate how or why you write and be true to who you are always.

Q5. What is my favorite quote?

A5. “All that’s necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

Oh the joys of parenthood (Facebook)
Christina Reno-Johnson


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