When I was a child my family belonged to a church that was so controlling we never got to do Halloween, Valentine’s,  or Christmas. In fact I never had a “normal” childhood at all. We were not allowed to interact with the “worldly” people unless we had to for school. They would not allow us to celebrate our own birthdays either. I look back on that time and wonder how anyone can follow such nonsense.
  It was all a big treat when I started working while in college and was able to choose a child’s name off the tree of needy kids and buy them Christmas gifts.
Then I celebrated my very first Christmas when I met my husband. Christmas means so much to his family. In fact it is the only time they ever really get together.
I remember that first Christmas 15 years ago and the joy on my then boyfriend’s face when he opened each gift I got him. I realized how in love I was with this silly, sweet, corn ball of a man.
Our second Christmas together I was pregnant with our son and was miserable day and night with morning sickness all I could think of was the misery getting over. But our son’s first Christmas .  Oh my heart was so filled with love and excitement watching my baby open gifts for the first time. Oh how he loved tearing the wrapping paper and he laughed so hard. And the pure love in my husband’s eyes as he watched the best gift in the world laugh his little tail off. THAT was when Christmas started having true meaning to me. It meant my amazing husband, our beautiful son and I together. Us against the world. In that moment of us sitting on the floor, surrounded by people, yet alone in our joy together. It seemed as though everything around us no longer existed. That time is seared in my heart and my mind… The Christmas that showed me what love, joy and home are really about. For us that is what this season is for … Family and love.


Oh the joys of parenthood (Facebook)
Christina Reno-Johnson


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