Oh Child Check Yourself

As a parent we watch our children go through many stages. Infancy, toddler two (mine didn’t get terrible till he hit 3), the tyrant threes, early childhood and then the one thing every parent thinks they will not have a issue…. preteen years. This is where your sweet, sometimes sassy, always amazing child turns into a being that you will have to leave the room at least 10 times a day to keep from screaming or god forbid knocking the stupid and assholeliness out of them.

You would think after 12 years of this parenting thing i would have it down but everyday something happens and I’m like “seriously???”. This past weekend Monkey Butt’s dad and I allowed him to go stay with my mother. My mother was a ass kicker when i was a kid. Never missed a chance to light me up for any thing i done wrong. But this woman doesn’t even know how to say no when it comes to her grand children. I dropped him off on Friday and the kid i dropped off hugged me about 20 times and told me he loved me and not forget him on Sunday. The smart ass I got back was a complete jerk face! At one point last night as he and his dad was watching the latest Transformers movie he opened his mouth and says ” mom you are such a pain in the ass, turn the light back off now”

SAY WHAT NOW BOY????  I KNOW YOU DID NOT JUST SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY!  I seriously thought my head was going to pull a Linda Blair. I had to walk away for just one second to breathe and not yank him up and say OH NO YOU DIDN’T in his face. His dad said nothing but a vague “bub you shouldn’t talk that way to your mom”…. I am kind of sure that made me just about as mad as Monkey Butt being a rude little butt head.

As my mind raced a million things went through my mind. How do i take care of this? Why is he acting like that? I don’t want to be the way my mom was and guilt trip him into a feeling crappy about himself. and yet I cannot allow him to feel that it is EVER alright to speak to me or anyone in that manner. How do I get him to know how unacceptable this is without losing my crap and going off on him?

Parenthood is crazy hard. Once they reach that stage of having a degree in smart assology it is a fine line between “he learned this from us” and “wtf does this kid think he is talking to”.

But we have to do the work to teach them to be respectful and I am guessing throat punching the rude ass is probably not going to teach him anything about respect. Dammit!


One thought on “Oh Child Check Yourself

  1. I totally feel your pain. I have a son 14 and a pre-teen daughter 11. I have days when I just want to smack their mouths for talking back or stomping off in a huff. I also have a daughter who will be 21 next month and she was so rebellious but has actually turned out to be a pretty amazing person. She has a daughter (my granddaughter), and I hope that I don’t spoil her too much to cause trouble with her mom. I hate the teen years…they suck so bad. I don’t remember being like they are EVER!! Hang in there, as the old saying goes. “This too shall pass”. HUGS

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