Parenthood…. not for the weak of heart.

As I sit here thinking about the last 12 years of life I cannot help but to think of not only the good and funny, but also of the struggles, hard times and fear that comes from being a parent.

Long before the day my son was born my husband and I had talked about how we would raise our children when or if we had any. We decided that for us the best option was for me to become a stay at home mom. The bull that many believe about us parents that stay here with our children, this stuff is hard. You don’t get to have vacations or sick days. Or even get to shower or go to pee alone. Noooo none of that you become a 24/7 caregiver that is up all night with the baby, up all day with the baby and just when you think you have it down. They are up walking and asking for things. and you think. maybe just maybe it will be easier. Oh poor stupid souls that think that.

This stage brings forth a whole new level of things that you are going to be doing. Running after them and keeping them out of the dog food, the toilet, keep them from biting the dog, taking down that beautiful wall art they create out of pads and pantry liners. About 1000 times a day you will say no don’t do _______ (Insert latest thing they have tried to eat, throw , climb, etc) . They NEVER stop talking, eating, crapping, yelling… Just being kids. Exploring, testing boundaries, becoming a person all their own.

You will look at your child a million times a day and think…. Is it nap time yet? And pray they look drowsy. Your butt will be dragging by days end. But your day isn’t over… Now you must wash off the snot, slobber and whatever else your precious child has gotten on you and put one another hat. Wife (or husband for the stay at home dads) and be supportive, loving and present. Even when all you want to do is sleep, pee alone, eat something that didn’t come from your child’s plate.

As a stay at home parent you will be the first person your child see, hugs, slobbery kisses everyday and usually the last they see as you rock them to sleep. Their eyes will light up your soul and melt your heart. And if you are lucky that closeness, that bond will follow through infancy, through toddlerhood, through early school years and then into preteen years.

This is when things get interesting. About 50 times at least a day you will say or think what the actual freck is he/she thinking, listening to, saying or studying. By this time if your child(ren) are like my son they are going to be so smart their homework is going to make you think you took college degrees for dumbies. It will be your hardest endeavor but it will always, always be the most rewarding and wonderful blessing in your life. I wouldn’t change places with anyone. It is to be quite honest an experience of beautiful chaos.


8 thoughts on “Parenthood…. not for the weak of heart.

  1. Oh yes I remember how time stands still with having a newborn. And as soon as you catch up on some sleep they’re walking, running, toddlers! It’s been my greatest blessing to be a Mom and my greatest worry as well. I’ve never had anything turn me inside out with guilt, melt my heart with one look or word spoken, or fill me with so much love my heart will burst. Parenthood is a beautiful chaos and I’m so grateful I read your story about your journey. ❤️

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