The Beginning

I have always considered my son as being the very reason for my being. He and I have both had some rough times whilst going on this journey together. From the very week I found out I was pregnant, life has been scary and a bit of a battle ground. I remember finding out after only a month of trying finding out we were having a baby. The sheer joy and love I felt for this little tadpole.

And then 4 days later the world as we knew it ended.

I awoke to news of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. And as I sat there on the bed, this fresh little life inside me growing, people were being forced to make the decision to jump to their deaths rather being burned to death.

So many questions flew through my mind at what felt like a million miles an hour as I sat there weeping in horror. What was the world going to be like when I brought this baby into the world? Would he even be able to have the freedoms I had growing up? Would the world ever recover? Was this act of war going to be the one that sets off ww3? So much ate at me as we as a nation saw 3000 plus of our friends, lovers, countrymen and women die horrible deaths.

In the days, weeks, months after we heard tales of heroism that saved many. So much selfless sacrifice and bravery. The very fabric of the nation changed that day. We saw our fellow men as neighbors and were compassionate to them. This was a nation together a world I was proud to bring My son into. A nation that was filled with all the things that make us who we are: patriotic, caring, fierce, loving. A place that he would be proud to be from. A place where race didn’t matter. Everyone helped each other because we are all from the same place, fought the same fears, supported our troops and our POTUS. A place we were all willing to fight and die for.

13 years later my son is now 12 and a half… Lord knows when young we have to have those 1/2 years added. The world has changed and we lose sight of it all. But I am teaching my son to see past color, past creed, past levels of disability, past sexual preference and to see that he can make a huge difference in the world. It is our responsibility to be examples of that world we developed of love, compassion and caring . Maybe then we will see a better world.


5 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Great job! I have a similar experience when my children were born. It was only a few months after the tragedy at Sandy Hook and I was terrified of bringing them into such an ugly and violent world, but I had no choice. I decided then to teach them to be loving and compassionate individuals. Great read, we have similar mindsets!

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  2. I love that you felt so excited to be a Mom and then to feel such sadness while carrying your wee babe is heartbreaking. . I felt so much fear with 911 even being Canadian. Why couldn’t an attack happen on my home soil. I remember spending that day with my beloved Mama crying, praying, and theorizing, until I drove myself crazy!!! I implored her how can I bring a baby into the world, how can I ever feel safe again? And her beautiful wisdom she said “what if your child is the one to change that world from fear to freedoms.” I will never forget her wise words and I do believe my kids will change the world in their own way. Beautifully written blog. 💗

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  3. Some days I see or hear some of the really terrible things going on in the world, the hateful things being said in our own neighborhoods, and I wonder what kind of world my son will live in when he is grown. I can only hope that by teaching him the things you’ve spoken of above, he too will make the world a better place. It’s scary out there. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. So moving. It is true that the scary things in the world are even scarier when you have children. All we can do is raise them as best we can and hope others are doing the same. I like to think that the world is a better place than when 9/11 occurred… time will tell.

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